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The Dead Of Winter

The Dead of Winter - Chris Priestley

  My favourite character in this book is Michael Vyner He is the main character of the book who went through a series of horrifying activities. Michael is my favorite character as I admire his courage to step up to difficulties he faced. Although nobody seem to believe him as he was the only one that can see things in this mysterious house that he moved in after a tragic accident that happened to his family, He insisted that he saw the truth of all the incidents that happened in this house. I enjoy reading this book as it has a surprising twist and caught me off guard. I thought that I already knew the ending of this book but I was wrong. It also has lots of place for us to guess what would happen to the character and the people around him.This book suit my taste and I hope to read more books similar to this. I learned that I must trust myself in what I am thinking about. Although it may be wrong but I can learn from the mistake I made and avoid it to happen again. I must also have the courage to speak up to what I think that is right or wrong. If I don't have the courage to speak out what is on my mind, nobody can help me because they don't know what am I thinking about. Lastly, I think this book is definitely a choice to read as while I am indulge in the adventures that is taking part in it, I can also learn things from it.